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Hey, we don’t care for long forms either, but the more information you can provide us, the quicker we’ll be able to understand your project and the easier it will be to find the right solutions for you. Thanks for taking the time to fill this out. Talk to you soon!

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Our Skills

Website Design & Development / 98%
Graphic Design / 95%
Video Production / 95%
Online Marketing / 90%
Sound Design / 92%
Online Marketing / 90%
Customer Service / 100%

Why Choose Us?

1. ProMedia is Your One-Stop-Shop!

We design, develop, strategise, market and host, handling all of your business requirements in one efficient place. We believe that big ideas are integrated ideas. They tell the whole story, have a clear purpose, inspire action and drive commercial success for our clients.

2. We Guarantee Results: We Get You Found Online

We guarantee all the work we do at ProMedia. If you are not happy we will keep providing solutions until you are 100% satisfied. With our online services, we guarantee high organic rankings or we work for free. This is our promise to you.

3. We Are Affordable

We create custom communication design for all businesses at affordable prices. Whatever you need and however much you have to spend, ProMedia Design Studios will find the best way for you to say it within your budget.

4. We Offer Great Support

Every client relationship we have is important to us. We care about the work. We care about your brand and your business. ProMedia provides around the clock service to all our clients. You won’t find a better team more dedicated to providing you with everything you need to push your business out in front.

5. We Are 100% Australian

We are a 100% owned & operated Australian business. We don’t outsource any work; we do all design & development work in house so we can make sure that everything we do for you is of the highest standard. You have direct contact with the designers/developers so every request is acted upon immediately.

6. We Are An Established Business: 17 years’ Experience

Our approach is grounded in over 17 years of experience in design, development and strategy. We’ve seen it all. We know how to effectively connect with your customers and convert those connections to sales through effective communication design.